The Big Upgrade:

TeraLow Slip Yoke Eliminator

TeraLow CV Drive Shaft

TeraLow 2 Low

Full Tilt Fab Flat Skid Plate

In an effort to increase trail worthiness, and in an effort to spend some of the CJ-7 cash, I went on a mini spending spree. I heard some good things from Jackie and others about DC and his prices. I gave him a call and he quoted me $430 for the TeraLow SYE and CV Driveshaft. Since, in my research, the cheapest I had found the SYE was $325 and the CV Shaft was $350, I thought that a $240 savings was pretty good. DC had the stuff to me in 5 days. I also figured that since I was in there, I might as well install the TeraLow 2 Low kit. This kit enables you to shift into Low gear while only driving your rear wheels. That makes turning easier while still using low range. Again, I went with DC and he sent me the kit in 6 days, but that was over the Labor Day weekend. Excellent Service! To make things even sweeter, Mark was selling his slightly used Full Tilt Fab (Jim Rishel) Flat Skid for about half the price of a new one. It is made for a TJ with an automatic, but it shouldn't be to hard to modify. This thing is 1/4" thick and HEAVY.

So, The day arrives, and I head over to Jackie's so we can do this Big Upgrade. We read the instructions and come to the conclusion that they lack info. We look at the Factory Service Manual and determine that it will help tear the x-fer case apart, but won't help much with the reassembly. We go on line and find a page that someone was nice enough to list all their steps. I forgot my camera at home, so my usual 30 picture comic strip is reduced to some after shots. Sorry. I can relate most of the steps, but without pictures, it would take a thousand words. :( A couple of noteworthy events not covered by the instructions:

  1. You need a press to get the bearings pressed into the main gear.
  2. Doing both the SYE and 2Low was painless and the way to go.
  3. When you take off a skid plate that has been bashed on rocks for 2+ years, and find that the replacement skid plate doesn't fit your Jeep (Auto vs. Manual trans) you will have to run it over with something heavier than a stock Zuk to get it straight enough to remount. As a matter of fact, it took a full sized Blazer's front tire on top of the skid plate suspended on each side from a pair of 4x4s.
  4. Don't let people tell you that the 2Low is a waist of money. I have used it allot an wouldn't trade it for hydraulic steering.

Boxes.jpg (100183 bytes)

The Boxes

SYE.jpg (125741 bytes)

The SYE Kit

CVshort.jpg (115991 bytes)

16" Compressed

CVlong.jpg (117778 bytes)

19" Extended

2LowKit.jpg (112285 bytes)

2 Low Kit

2LowSticker.jpg (139059 bytes)

2 Low Sticker

FlatSkidTop.jpg (86846 bytes)

1/4" Thick and Yellow

FlatSkidBottom.jpg (84235 bytes)

Smooth and Yellow

DCP_3003.jpg (182816 bytes)

Here is the drivers side of the new SYE. The connector coming out of the side goes to the speedo gear.

DCP_3000.jpg (154501 bytes)

Here is the passenger side of the new SYE

DCP_2999.jpg (151983 bytes)

After the install, the pinion needs to be straight with the shaft.

DCP_3007.jpg (167235 bytes)

After you disconnect one end of the adjustable upper control arms, use a jack to achieve the proper angle.

DCP_3004.jpg (150867 bytes)

The unscrew the control arm to the proper length. Don't forget to tighten the lock nut.

DCP_3005.jpg (139197 bytes)

After all is said and done, you should have the proper angle.