1976 CJ-7

OK, so I bought this thing with the full intention of building a trailer queen. I ran out of money and tried to sell it. While waiting for a buyer, someone who had very little experience driving ran into it while it was parked on the street. It's fate was up to the insurance company and the determined it was totaled. They use some "Old Car" book and determined it had a replacement cost of $3,000. I thought it was fair and took the money. I bought it back from the insurance company and sold it to a gal on POR for the same price. It will live again! Anyway, here are some pictures of the aftermath of the accident.

DCP_2493.jpg (148934 bytes)

Nobody around.

DCP_2494.jpg (138408 bytes)

Back tires were even with the sign.

DCP_2495.jpg (153946 bytes)

Knocked off the muffler.

DCP_2496.jpg (146487 bytes)

Pushed it onto the sidewalk.

DCP_2497.jpg (141589 bytes)

Another view.

DCP_2498.jpg (136545 bytes)

Axle is definitely wrong.

DCP_2499.jpg (154479 bytes)

Bent from the pick-up that was in front of me.

DCP_2500.jpg (153435 bytes)

Bent from the pick-up that was in front of me.

DCP_2502.jpg (150117 bytes)

Bent the spring.

DCP_2503.jpg (147214 bytes)

Bent the frame.

DCP_2504.jpg (112371 bytes)

Nothing fits right.

DCP_2505.jpg (165804 bytes)

14 foot skid marks.

DCP_2506.jpg (150924 bytes)

A little twist.

DCP_2507.jpg (148034 bytes)

A little bent.

DCP_2508.jpg (150015 bytes)

Bent and ripped the frame.

DCP_2509.jpg (146691 bytes)

Broke the spring pulling it on the truck.

DCP_2510.jpg (181579 bytes)

Another shot.

DCP_2511.jpg (140995 bytes)

Bent the spring getting it on the truck.

Here are some stats of what it had: 304 cid V-8, Motorcraft 2100 Carb, Hedman Headers, Dana 150 Transmission, Model 20 Transfer Case, Dana 30 Front Axel, Dana 20 Rear Axel, 3.54 Gears, SOA, 33x12.5 TSL Thornbirds on Gambler Rims, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Front and Rear Drum Brakes.