Toms 1948 Willys CJ2A with F head motor
(Originally came installed with flat L-head motor).
F-head displacement: 134 cid
F-head Est. Horse Power (New): 72 hp, 125-ft/lbs. torque
Wheelbase: 80
Special Equipment: Warn All Range Overdrive
(Giving it a total of 12 forward gears and 4 reverse)
Purchased: Catalina AZ, September 1998

Purchase Day: Front

Purchase Day: Rear

Purchase Day: Interior

Purchase Day: Engine (Seized)

Starting disassembly

Front hub before glass bead blasting

Front hub after glass bead blasting

Frame after cleaning from the front

Another shot of the frame after cleaning from the front

Yet another shot of the clean frame, this time from the rear

F-Head, Drivers side
(waiting for paint)

Nothing like a new coat of paint to make it look new

Front view from passenger side
(the color is off in this picture)

Rebuilt F-Head in its right place
(Front shot, driver side)

A passenger side shot

Rear shot from drivers side

Waiting for a body

Clean Body (Before bed-liner)

Rear seat area with Dupliocolor bed liner

Storage compartment under front seat. Dupliocolor bed liner applied

Let see how it performs out on the trail.