After I damaged my power steering box and went through 4 weekends of headaches, not to mention 4 quarts of power steering fluid, I vowed to never need to repair my power steering box again (Even though I could now do it in about half an hour). To keep my box safe, I purchased the Tomken Steering Box Skid Plate. It is one sturdy piece of steel. I think it will provide all the protection I will ever need.

The bolt on the right was the bolt that Tomken provided. It wasnít long enough to reach the nut in the power steering box support bracket. I replaced it with a bolt I have more confidence can take the abuse I will no doubt deliver to it.

I used a bolt in the front so I could easily align the bolt and nut in the back. I used a flat head screwdriver to hold nut in place while I turned the bolt.

Here you can see the nut in the power steering box support bracket. It is very difficult to hold it tight enough the get the bolt tight. They suggest using an air wrench, but I donít have one.

Once I got the back bolt in, I put the bumper back on loosely and work really hard to align the bolt hole on the right. I ended up using the stock bolt since it was tapered and I could get it started.

Tighten the two previous bolts. You will then have to drill a 5/16Ē hole in the bottom of the bumper so you can screw in the self-tapping screw.

Thatís it. That task took about an hour and half and I'm now much more prepared for any obsticle I encounter.