Skid Row Engine Skid

Protecting the engine (mainly the oil pan) from rock, becomes vital as the rocks get bigger and farther apart. One good hit to the oil pan can end a perfectly good weekend of wheeling and be devastating to the environment. Skid Row offers some pretty good protection, and having someone upgrade theirs (to what, I have no idea) allowed me to get a only slightly used one for about half what a new one would cost. I picked it up and thought it was in excellent shape. The installation was very straight forward, but that doesn't mean that it can't be screwed up. :) It would have been easier if my transfer case skid plate wasn't so badly bent from years of hard wheeling. I also noticed while I was under there that I had mashed my oil pan several times. Probably not the best thing to do, but this skid will prevent future banging. (I hope)

The Skid Row Engine Skid is in excellent shape.

Here is a before shot. Notice the dented oil pan and deformed transfer case skid plate?

I thought this was the bolt that I had to have facing inward.

So I moved it, and later moved it back. The back one needs to be reversed.

This is the driver's side motor mount from under the Jeep. There are two nuts welded to a hanger.

A couple bolts hold on this mounting bracket.

The bracket holds a stout piece of angle iron which supports the driver's side front of the skid plate.

The back is held in place by this pinch bracket.

I was fairly concerned about being able to get the bolts to reach the nuts on the top clamp because of the bend in the transfer case skid.

But, with a little effort, it worked. As a matter of fact, I think the skid actually straightened the x-fer case skid a bit.

Here is a shot of the passenger side mounting bolt. By the way, you need to use the back bolt on the lower control arm.