Olympic Roof Rack

I used a trailer to go to Ice Breaker 2003 and when I got home and parked the trailer for one night outside my apartment, I found a not on my door stating that I was not allowed to park trailers in the parking lot. Now I like to take my girls camping and four wheeling with me, but they take up most of the storage room in the Jeep. Since I can't keep a trailer here, I took advantage of the April 2003 Off Camber Crawlers/Capital Land Cruiser Club's Swap Meet, and picked up a roof rack cheap. Installation was a breeze and I think I will hold all the gear I need to bring. When it is fully loaded, it might be a little top heavy, but I won't wheel with it loaded and I don't treat the Jeep like a sports car, so it shouldn't be a problem.



DCP_2206.jpg (122589 bytes)

The parts.

DCP_2207.jpg (131170 bytes)


DCP_2208.jpg (116429 bytes)

One bracket test fitted.

DCP_2209.jpg (122777 bytes)


DCP_2210.jpg (130833 bytes)

All done.

DCP_2211.jpg (162685 bytes)

From the front.

DCP_2212.jpg (142704 bytes)

From the top.

DCP_2214.jpg (130999 bytes)

From the back.