To avoid having to relocate the fan shroud due to the body lift, I also installed the M.O.R.E. 1” Bomb Proof Motor Mounts. Another benefit to the lift is one more inch of clearance under the oil pan. It also will help eliminate some potential driveline angle problems in the future. The last benefit is that they are very durable. I ran into one problem while installing the driver’s side motor mount. I had to remove the mount from the motor in order to get the motor mount bolt out. The Air Conditioner was in the way. It was not difficult to do, just kind of annoying. If the factory had put the bolt in the other direction, it wouldn’t have been an issue. All said and done, it was an easy install and defiantly worth the effort and money. I have noticed a small vibration since the installation, which I attribute to the poly vs. rubber bushings.

The new one look much better. As a matter of fact, the old ones look quite old for 18 months.

Take the weight off the motor mounts. BTW, this is not the suggested method.

Here is the passenger side before.

Be sure to only remove 1 side at a time.

Installation complete.