Front Differential Skid Plate

The front differential is pathetically exposed to rock damage. I haven't banged mine hard enough to do much more than scratch the paint off of it, but there were a couple occasions where I hit it and realized what was being hit and backed off. There were also several occasions where I slid unstoppably down a hill, and had something been there, it would have spelled disaster. The way I got a 4x4 Dr. Dana 35 Skid Plate for $11.00 dollars, was in large part due to my membership in the Off-Camber Crawlers. At their Christmas party, they gave away tons of prizes to members. Membership was $50.00 and I won a $50.00 gift certificate to Kilby. Kilby sells 4x4 Dr. stuff, so after the gift certificate and 10% off for Dec purchases, the final to-my-door price was $11.00. The bonus was that they got it to me before Christmas! It was, by far, the easiest upgrade I have ever done. It took me 20 minutes, with picture taking.

This is what the kit comes with.

A before shot. Some scrapes, and something that is hard to see is the mangled bolt heads.

Step One - Remove the 5 bottom bolts.
(Save them for trail spares.)

Step Two - Place the skid on and tighten the bolts. Ta Da!