Here is a little history. After I installed the locker and gas tank skid, I started to experience problems with the starter. (not related) I would turn the key and there would be several seconds of delay before the engine would crank. It acted like it was solenoid problem. I went to Pep Boys and checked to see how much a new solenoid would cost. They said they don’t even have one in their computer. Apparently the solenoid is integrated into the starter. (Sounds to me like it might be expensive to carry a spare on the trail.) I called Farrish and they said it was covered by the warranty. When I arrived, I asked them to also check the transmission. It seemed to grind a bit from first to second. They replaced the starter and told me they ordered a de-glazing unit for the transmission. My transmission problem is apparently covered under service bulletin 21-005-01. The parts came in Thursday and I dropped the TJ off Friday morning. I told them; as long as they had the Jeep, could they change the oil. They said the whole job would be done about 6pm. I called about 4pm and asked the status. They asked me if I had to have the TJ this weekend. I said, “I guess not.” “OK, see ya Monday.” Fast-forwarded to Monday afternoon. “Is my TJ done?” “Well…” It seems they lost a spring when they were putting the transmission back together. They gave me a rental and said the TJ would be done in 2 days, tops. I call Wednesday. They said they found the spring but the gears were too worn and that they had to order me a NEW transmission. Should be in Thursday morning. It came Thursday afternoon. “It will be installed by Friday evening”. Friday morning they called and wanted to know if I wanted the clutch replaced as long as they were in there. $350.00 now vs. $900.00 later. “About how many mile are left in the present clutch?” “Um… 30 to 40 thousand.” I guess they were just trying to get some money from me for all the work they were doing. When I got home, the radiator over flowed. They had apparently overfilled the reservoir. No problem. I figure I have a year and a half to learn how to install a clutch. In a way, they were correct; I did get my TJ back Friday evening. It was just a week after their quote.