As tires get bigger, more weight is placed on the tailgate. Eventually, something will give. A tailgate can be quite expensive to replace. To eliminate this potential problem (and get a receiver in the process) I asked Jim Rishel to build me one of his custom bumpers. It sort of looks like a Younger Brotherís bumper/tire carrier. There are some improvements over the YB, like the positioning of the Hi-Lift jack and receiver area bolts. It took Jim several days to build and a couple hours to work out some bugs and mount additional stuff I brought with me. I am very pleased with this bumper and I am already thinking about additions to the bumper/tire carrier. I think a jamboree rack and jerry can holder or two might be in my future. I still need to attach the brake light, CB antenna mount, CB antenna and wire it all nice and pretty. Then I will test it in Moab. That is a proving grounds for any off road mod you can find or build. Iíll let you know how it holds up.

Fully load before shot.

Sits about 11Ē off the ground.

Everything off.

Now it sits about 12Ē off the ground.

The bumper mostly done.

Other side.

Jim hard at work. (That is Taftís Jeep in the back.)

The locking pin doesnít obstruct anything.

The hinge is a 2Ē piece of sold steel.

This is the frame tie in bracket.

The tire carrier is removable for maintenance.

I modified the stock brake light to work with the new carrier. Had a bit of fun with a jigsaw.

After everything is reinstalled and the springs settled in, it sits about 10Ē off the ground.

It fits on there real good.

The hinge is tight and the Hi-Lift clears the light.

Latch pin will be replaced with a small lock.

I love the way the jack leaves a clear view out back.

Itís even bolted to the center of the cross member.

Here are the frame tie ins. Itís not going anywhere.