In order to fit 33 tires, you need at least 3 of lift. The method I chose to lift was a 1 body lift (and a 1 motor mount lift) and 2 Trail Master Lift. The installation was fairly straight forward and I only had one problem, and that was due to a spring compressor slipping to the side and forcing the spring into a tight situation. The the spring compressor slipped, I got my thumb caught between the frame and the spring. Luckily it was in a spot where most of the force was between a bump out on the frame and a weld bump, so my thumb was just trapped. I could have easily done some damage to my thumb, and with the cell out of reach and nobody due to show up for several hours, it could have been very bad. As it was, I used a pry bar to open the gap enough to get my thumb out. There is a lot of potential energy in a spring, so be very careful.

This is the kit

Before shot.

Disconnect the Anti-Sway bar, take off the wheel, remove the shock, jack up the front and let down the axle. Then compress the spring.

Take off the spring.

Ready for the install.

Install puck, bump stop spacer and reinstall the bump stop.

Reinstall the spring.

And the shock.

The rear spring wedged pretty good. Took me about 2 hours to free it.

Rear reassembled.





Old height - 10 inches

New height - 14 inches with 33x12.5 BFG M/Ts