In order to fit 33” tires, you need at least 3” of lift. The method I chose to lift was a 1” body lift (and a 1” motor mount lift) and 2” Rubicon Express Budget Lift. The body lift I chose is made by Mountain Off-Road Enterprises. It uses aluminum 1” spacers that are placed above the current body lift. The kit included hardware to reposition the shift linkage and the steering stabilizer, I Thought I didn't need the shift linkage relocation hardware, but, I have to hold it in reverse on the very cold mornings. After things warm up everything is just fine.




This what the kit looks like.

Before the spacer blocks are installed.

Another Before shot.

Last before shot.

1” pucks installed

This gap isn’t too bad.

They even provide 1” spacers under the radiator.

This body mount over the rear axel was a bear to remove and even tougher to install the puck over.

The stock placement of the steering shaft stabilizer.

The kit includes 1” of lift to maintain correct steering shaft geometry.